• 1Justice League of America's Vibe 1 , Johns Geoff (2014)
    One of the most unlikely members of the Justice League of America ever (okay, THE most unlikely) stars in his own title! Vibe will soon discover he's one of the most powerful individuals on Earth… 1058 руб

  • 2Justice League 6: Injustice League , Johns Geoff (2015)
    When the extradimensional evildoers called the Crime Syndicate invaded our world, they took down the heroes of the Justice League in seconds. Only an alliance of criminals— led by Lex Luthor —… 1716 руб

  • 3Justice League , Titan Samuel (2017)
    The official companion to the Justice League movie, due to be one of 2017's biggest films! Following the success of Batman Vs. Superman, the second biggest opening for Warner Brothers and the fourth… 1503 руб

  • 4Justice Society of America: Thy Kingdom Come, Part 3 , Geoff Johns, Alex Ross, Fernando Pasarin (2009)
    Led by the world's first super-heroes, the Justice Society of America inspires and recruits the next generation of heroes, upholding their legacy of hope and justice for the betterment of the world… 1921 руб

  • 5Justice Society of America: Thy Kingdom Come, Part 2 , Geoff Johns, Alex Ross, Fernando Pasarin (2008)
    Welcome the newest member to the Justice Society of America: the Kingdom Come Superman! Coming from an Earth plagued by heroes-gone-extreme, how will this Superman react to an incarnation of the… 1921 руб

  • 6Justice League Dark,№ 24, December 2013 , J. M. DeMatteis (2014)
    A "Forever Evil" tie-in! The Justice League Dark Is Dead. Not even the JL Dark can escape the evil that's invaded the Earth - except for John Constantine! But why has he alone survived? And will he… 441 руб

  • 7Justice , Tim Vicary (2012)
    A level 3 Oxford Bookworms Library graded readers. Written for Learners of English by Tim Vicary. London: November. Terrorists blow up the Queen’s coach outside Parliament. The Queen escapes, but… 413.74 руб электронная книга

  • 8Justice League Dark 4: The Rebirth of Evil , Lemire Jeff (2014)
    The Justice League Dark team is called into action by Wonder Woman in hopes of finding Pandora's Box, which may hold the only answers to save an ailing Superman. Not about to let the Seven Deadly… 958 руб

  • 9Justice League: Volume 6: Injustice League , Geoff Johns (2015)
    When the Crime Syndicate nearly destroyed our world, Lex Luthor led the fight against them. Now, with public opinion of him at an all-time high, Superman’s former nemesis has decided to continue… 1326 руб

  • 10Justice League: Volume 5: Forever Heroes , Geoff Johns (2014)
    As the Crime Syndicate hunts down the few heroes left foolish enough to challenge them--including Batman's protege, Dick Grayson. But Owlman has other plans for Nightwing... and Owlman's teammate… 1429 руб